Jackson & Connor
We brought Jan on for an extensive brand reboot project and were consistently blown away by his work from start to finish. He immediately understood the new identity we were cultivating, and created multiple presentations which we honed down into a stunning brand deck. He was remarkably adept at taking input while also carefully guiding us through the process...if you have a sense of direction, he can give life to those ideas. The branding pieces Jan produced for us were simply fantastic and helped to inform a total overhaul of our physical space as well—all of which has been met with a phenomenal response and increased traffic. My deepest thanks to Jan Šabach and Code Switch for a spectacular job done.
—Will Brideau, Owner, Jackson & Connor
Brewmaster Jack
I cannot say enough good things about Jan. Re-branding our business was a very daunting and abstract task. Jan was able to take the unique characteristics of our business and turn it into a single seamless personality. Following our re-brand and launch with a new distributor, sales doubled in the first year and increased 50% in the following two years. I have recommended Jan to anyone I know who is starting a business or looking for a "brand facelift". He is attentive, timely, passionate, and has a unique ability to make designs that "pop". There is absolutely no doubt you will be happy with the final product.
—Tyler Guilmette, Owner, Brewmaster Jack 
Take Magazine
When the founding art director of Take magazine had to move on, my team and I decided to cast a wide net to find someone who could not only work with the existing grid that we were very happy with, but could take it to the next level. We posted nationally. We posted internationally. We ended up reviewing portfolios from all over the world and after looking at all of them, our top choice happened to live up the road from us. Jan not only was able to do what we wanted, but he went on to do things with the art direction that were amazing and unexpected (and ultimately award-winning). Why are you still reading? Go hire Jan already. 
—Michael Kusek, Publisher, Take Magazine
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