I am honored to be a recipient of several international design awards (Red Dot, European Design Award, Communication Arts Awards of Excellence) and my work has been recognized by publications such as Graphis, HOW, Novum, Galeria, Font, Print and Communication Arts among others.
50 books | 50 covers, Design Observer
Graphis Design Annual 2021, 1x Gold Award, 3x Silver Award
Graphis Design Annual 2021, judge
AD Club of Western Massachusetts, Silver Award 2

PRINT AWARDS, Third Place, Posters & Outdoor
Fast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design Awards Honoree
Communication Arts, Design Annual 61, Award of Excellence
Graphis Design Annual 2021, 2x Gold Award, Silver Award
PRINT 2019 Regional Design Awards Winner
AD Club of Western Massachusetts; Best in Show, Judge's Choice, Gold Award 2x, Silver Award 2x
Indigo Design Awards, Silver
Muse Creative Awards, Gold
Graphis Poster Annual 2021, Gold and Silver Awards
Communication Arts Typography Annual Award of Excellence

Society of Typographic Arts, Winner
Communication Arts, Exhibit feature
Graphis Design Annual 2020, 2x Gold Award
Muse Platinum Award
Graphis Poster Annual 2020, 3x Silver Award
Communication Arts, Typography Annual, 2019 Award of Excellence
Communication Arts, Design Annual 59, Award of Excellence
Communication Arts, Exhibit feature
Graphis Branding 7, Honorable Mention 
Graphis Design Annual 2019, Silver Award Winner 2x
Poster for Tomorrow, international poster competition, juror
Indigo Design Award, Silver Winner
Graphis Typography 4, Silver Award
Type Directors Club, Certificate of Typographic Excellence
Communication Arts, Typography Annual 8, Award of Excellence
Graphis Design Annual 2018, Gold Award Winner
The Design of Dissent, Mirko Ilic, Milton Glaser
AD Club of Western Massachusetts; Best in Show, Judge's Choice, Gold Award 3x
365 Typo Vol 2., Contributor
Graphis Design Annual 2017, Silver Award Winner
50 books | 50 covers, Design Observer
365 Typo, Contributor
Graphis Typography 3, Gold Award 
Graphis Typography 3, Merit Award 
Graphis Social/Political Posters, Platinum Award 
Graphis Social/Political Posters, Gold Award
Quad Award 2015
PRINT – Regional Design Annual
Graphis Design Annual 2015, Platinum Award Winner
Graphis Poster Annual 2015, Platinum Award Winner
Communication Arts, featured in the "Fresh" online profile
Graphis Poster Annual 2012, Winner
PRINT – Regional Design Annual
Wolda ’10 (the worldwide logo design annual), Award winner
LogoLounge | Master library, Volume 3, p. 37
Hiiibrand 2010, finalist
Choi's Gallery vol.9, the world’s best graphics, p. 92–93
LogoLounge 6, 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
Graphis Design Journal Americas 001
Good 50x70 2010, poster competition winner, The Year of the Tiger poster
Poster for Tomorrow, Death Is Not Justice, poster competition winner
Wolda ’09 (the worldwide logo design annual) Best Of Nation (Czech Republic)
European Design Awards 2010, Bronz medal in Brand implementation category.
Brand Identity Essentials
LogoLounge | Master library, Volume 1, (p. 167, 187, 207)
NOVUM magazine feature
red dot in Communication Design award winner
Czech Logo 1989–2008, p. 134, 151, 164
European Design Awards 2009, Silver medal in Brand Logo category
LogoLounge 5, 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
Good 50x70 2009, poster competition winner, AIDS poster
Graphis, Design Annual ‘09, Gold Award
Wolda ’08 (the worldwide logo design annual) 2x award winner
Really Good Logos Explained, p. 76, 260, 261
Best Of Business Card Design 8, p. 200
Graphis, Logo Design 7, Gold Award, 2x
LOGOS 01, p. 164
Big Book Of Logos, p. 64, 4x
Graphis, Branding
American Graphic Design Award, 3x.
Global Corporate Identity 3, award winner
American Graphic Design Award, 4x,
PRINT – Regional Design Annual
HOW – International Design Annual
Creativity 35, Award of distinction,
ICOGRADA, Online Galeria, May, October

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