Helping brave clients translate their vision into reality.
Code Switch is a moniker of Jan Šabach, a Czech born designer and creative director. I  have experience working on robust branding projects in charge of the oversight of the creative teams as well as an independent designer working directly with clients in Europe and in the United States. 
I help clients who value design as a strategic business tool to materialize their vision, formulate and clarify their brand personality, and translate this into thoughtful, compelling, and bold visual experiences.
My work has been honored by numerous international design awards and is consistently showcased in leading design magazines and publications around the world.
I believe that to communicate effectively, we must listen, empathize, reimagine and adapt. We must code-switch. For every client, every project and every cause.

I look forward to working with you.
“Consciously modifying speech to slip from one culture to another.”
(Haddock, 2008)

“A shift in language that is guided by a shift in context”
(Knestrict & Schoensteadt, 2005)

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